Basically, I'm looking for what you think is the best dvd series out there in quality of instruction. I've seen the preview for the lick library one, seems cool, but I'm not so sure about that $90 price tag. I've heard of the Rock House ones as well, but no word on whether they're good or not.
+1 to ascendan'ts question..
are you looking for theory? tips? licks? how to play songs? or what?

Check out "Speed Kills". MAB is teaching in them.

I tried it out, and it helped me quite greatly.
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I'm mainly looking for ways to better my soloing skills, so theory and tips for chaining together scales, what scales/when to use them, etc.
melodic control - marty friedman....
you might want to check a lesson or two on theory, but you will understand most of it right away.

Take a look at the Speed Kills series by Michael Angelo Batio, as someone has mentioned already. Also get a copy of John Petrucci's Rock Discipline.
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