I'm considering purchasing EMG 81x/89 pickups for my Jackson js30rr, but I'm completely new to changing pickups. I have two questions:

1.) Will these pickups even work in my guitar?
2.) Will the installation require any soldering? If so, could someone direct me to an easy-to-understand tutorial?

P.S. What's the difference between EMG 89x and 89xr. The description says, "This humbucker pickup is the same as EMG's 89X but the coils are respositioned so that the single-coil side is nearer the neck to capture that sweet spot", but that's pretty vague to me. What does it mean, tone-wise?
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well yeah they should work fine. They should be provided with new pots and tone dials also, so youll have to change them out, as i imagine the factory ones wont be able handle the power of the emgs, being active an all .

If you dont like the idea of soldering, by a solderless kit pretty sure they do them some where. Turns the installation into more of a jigsaw puzzle then electricaly issue :P

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If you buy them from EMG, most of their things are solderless, except for the switch. Yes, they will come with their own pots to replace your old ones and the 89r will come with a push pull pot. The EMGs will need a battery, so if you have a small wiring cavity, it may be an issue.

There is a soldering tutorial link in the OP of the Wiring Thread.

And the difference, is that because the 89 is coil-tappable, the 89r has the single coil, when it is tapped more towards the neck, thus the sound will be less trebly. Imagine a strat style SSS guitar, it is like taking a pickup and moving it a couple cm toward the neck.