Me and my twin brother traded improvised solos over a backing track and filmed it, partially as solo duel that we could share with the world, and partially as a test of my the new guitar and amp (I'm primarily a drummer) and the webcam on the laptop I got for graduation. We have fairly different styles - I play more melodic, hook-laden solos with an 80's-esque tendency towards sweep picking and stupid show-offy antics; my brother does a lot of tapping and arpeggios. I'm the guy with the purple Ibanez.

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It's pretty cool, but it's quite sloppy. Seems to lack any sort of direction, too.
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So.... what are you looking for here? Criticism? Opinions? Tips? Just an audience?

You can both shred better than I can, but your timing is kinda off (majority of it's yours - especially the linear trem picked part nearly halfway through), and there's no real melodic quality to it. Just seems like noodling for the both of you. It seems like you're thinking a whole lot about what to do instead of just doing it.

If it were me, I'd clean it up and do it again before posting.

Just my opinion.
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Forgot to mention what I wanted out of this. Critcism, comments, whatever is fine. But I did mention it was completely improvised, right? There was absolutely no planning that went into this. At all. We made up everything as we went, so it is just noodling, really. I just wanted to know what people thought.
lol the changes between you 2 are really sloppy

i think you 2 make a good team

if it is a ''battle'' i think your brother beats you, but both of you shred in an amazing way