Awesome band. My band is actually playing with them pretty soon.
I was expecting something awful when I clicked on it, just because of the band name. The instrumentation is great, reminds me a lot of The Sound of Animals Fighting, but the vocals are so exaggerated, indulgent, and OUT OF KEY that it keeps me from enjoying it much.
I really like their cover of You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch but I've never really listened to anything else by them.
I'm an asshole.
Ghost reminds me of Damiera.

Damiera is better than this band.
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I thought the whole idea of post-hardcore was to mix techno and hardcore.....
This thread is the first that I've listened to this band, but all of Damiera's songs sounded like the same song. Don't get me wrong, that one song was way awesome for the first 6 minutes or so. After that I couldn't listen to it anymore. That album got boring so fast. It wouldn't take much to be a better band than them... or at least better song writers. I'm not saying this band is or isn't better than Damiera, but I'm still listening to their stuff. :/
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