Written by my band's bassist, Chris.

A poem about pie.

Wheat for flour in a warm sunny field
A milky white egg a hen does yield
Sugar refined so tenderly by hand
All put in a crate to travel by land

They arrive at the market, to be hand selected
By an expert hand, his aim perfected
He carries them gently to his cupboard and shelf
“Almost ready” he says to himself

He lines up the ingredients and proper utensil
And brings forth the recipe, his flavour stencil
Sifted and dumped, Sprinkled and poured
Pleasing to the ears, like a musical chord

Out of the bowl, the dough must be kneaded
With growing excitement. “It’s halfway completed!”
His hands feel good, dough’s better than olay
The pin says “lets roll”, he says okay!

He’s the best of the best, much better than Ramsey
And he makes Jaime Oliver look like a pansy
Now comes the filling, the colourful punch
That makes this dessert, delightful for lunch

In go the apples, tree ripe so they say
Probably not, but good anyway
Sweetened with sugar, so tasty and nice
A sprinkle of cinnamon, the bite of a spice

They both come together, assembled with care
Greeted by the oven with a warm, toasty stare
He takes the tasty treat with a quick little jive
And a blast to the face from air at 375
A hot tasty bite affirms recollections
He divides the confection into 6 equal sections
Not satisfied, he goes back for more
A wonderful dish of 3.14

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