i just recently bought some Dimarzio D-Activators for my Ibanez RG321MH. now that i have them in i realized i should have ordered the F-Spaced pickup.

so my question is, is there any issue with the strings not lining up with the pole pieces? will this affect my tone or is it something i shouldn't be too worried about?

Thanks in advance.
i've heard people say yes, but i say no. i bought some awesome custom shop SD's for my telecaster deluxe and the high E string doesn't even close to line up with the bridge pole pieces. i was a little bummed, and yeah it looks a little funny if you stare too long, but i would bet nobody would know it if they heard the guitar. doesn't affect tone at all that i can hear.

dimarzio has a good return policy if you're really concerned, and unless you installed them you should be able to return them to where you bought them i would think...
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alright, yeah they're already installed and everything and i was playing it and it sounded great and i probably wouldnt have noticed if i wasnt looking at my new pickups and admiring them lol. i like to play metal and i was just wanting to make sure that with the low E not lining up it wasnt affecting the chugging sound i'm looking for. like i said it sounds fine i just wanted to know if it could be even better lol
There really isn't much other than a cosmetic difference between the two pole spacings. Some will argue that sustain is negatively affected when you use the wrong pup, but there's no definitive answer.

Anyways, I've used both in my RG2EX1 and there's never been any glaring flaw with the way the guitar sounded.
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