I'm not 100% sure if i should post this here or in musician talk or perhaps somewhere else but here goes...
At about 1 minute 35 seconds into this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cofa9YMD1rU Ken Andrews starts talking about how to play a particular song called ''stuck on you'' by his band failure. He says he's playing these chords:
E suspended
G suspended
C# with G# bass
F sharp
Im abit confused on how i should play it, specifically if i should play the suspended chords because when i try to play them it doesn't sound like the song. I've tried both sus2 and sus4 chords and neither sounds right. I tried looking up tabs for the song and theres only 1 version and it has regular power chords but it only contains 4 different chords as opposed to 5 like he says. When i play that version though it sounds closer to the song. So does he actually mean to play power chords or what?
Here's the link to the tabs: http://www.911tabs.com/link/?6660241
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i don't have time to watch the video.
but if someone says to play suspended chords they probably don't mean power chords. just saying.
I don't have a guitar on me right now, but when he plays those two chords it looks like it's this shape;

E sus 2


G sus 2

You may omit the higher 3 strings on the 2nd chord if you wish. They're the shapes used in Sting and the Police's "Message in a Bottle"
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
they are sus 2 chords..i think most of the time when there just call sus chords they mean sus too..if its a sus4 it will say sus4

play the E barr chord a whole step up from that is your F# Maj2nd (thats ur sus 2..not where you play the F#) the next octave down from that is what you play so you have your 1 5 2 in that order same for the G sus but up there on the 3rd fret

he also said they tune 1/2 step down so you would have to play Eb sus Gb sus C with G in bass F and Ab