Hi guys, I hope this is the right forum for this.

A few things up front:
-I have only been playing for 2 years, and have decent knowledge/working understanding of theory
-I have guitar rig 4 pro, an ibanez bass and a gibson challenger electric at my disposal (for purposes of this question)

I rarely jam with anyone aside from practicing over backing tracks--which is not the same as a live person jam. I would like to start playing songs from beginning to end, either my own or easy songs. I feel like I need to start playing songs all the way through--up to this point I just bounce around a little bit too much, almost never learning a song from beginning to end.

My question:
-How do I go about recording a bass track to go along with a given song? I need specific help as I have never jammed with a bass player. In other words, if I have a chord progression A-D-E, how would I approach a bassline over that progression?

Can someone give me some ideas, would I then strum the guitar according to how the bass notes fall?

I know this seems silly, but please give me some help on how to essentially add a bass track/guitar track to sound good. I'm willing to use an easy song as an example. Thanks a lot for any help.
well for a simple bassline all you have to do is write in the key notes of each bar on the beat, basically as soon as the guitar changes chord to D from A then the bass should play that singular note, depending on how much music theory you actually know you can expand on this and staying in the same key you could move the notes about a bit.

if you are just starting to understand music theory then i suggest you keep with a basic bassline that moves with the guitar chord progression, feel free to experiment with fills if you are using guitar pro to add some extra texture to the bassline

Also the key to a tight recording, is a tight rhythm section. The drums are the foundation, and the bass should follow their rhythm. the drums go "da da da" the bass should go "bum bum bum" along with it.
At it's very simplest, the bass should play (melodically) the root notes of the chords and (rhythmically) along with the drums.

Look at simple pop/pop-punk music: You have a few chords (usually power chords, but sometimes triads) playing a common chord progression such as I V vi IV with the bass following the basic beat of the song on root notes. I'm sure there are many examples, but the one that comes to mind for me is Blink-182's "Dammit."

Then if you want to mix it up a bit, you can do some other rhythms or you can do some walk-ups or simple (diatonic/chromatic) approaches.

Once you start getting more advanced, then you can throw in some counterpoint/riffs that outline the chord structure more subtly.
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thanks for the responses, I'm gonna try out dammit, i know that on the guitar, it's nice and easy

thanks, i ll be updating im sure something will come up : )