All of my guitars seem to be building up dust(probably just from my house, or maybe my fingers, I don't really know), but its not fun to play guitar when I get dirt all over my hands, and it's harder to slide around the neck with this stuff on the guitar, so how do I clean it?? It's also on the fretboard, so please make suggestions on it.
new strings. and to clean the fretboard use lemon oil

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try some coated strings like elixers or EXPs. And see if the dust/frime issues is still apparent.

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change the strings, and well changing them clean the fretboard, and polish the frets if you want too :]
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I usually just take a dry cloth and run it up and down the strings a couple times, then for the fretboard, I use lemon oil.

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Wash your hands before you play. Even if they’re already clean. And use FastFret.
i just get the edge of my shirt and slide it down underneath the strings. maybe thats just me
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Yeah, mine gets pretty gross too... if it's real bad, just detune and take a paper towelie to it.

Gotta get new string atleast every 2 weeks or so anyways, gotta love those bendy and right new strings!
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get new strings, or if your poor like me take a cloth and wipe up and down and it get the oxidation off enough to where you can play. but its nice with new strings.
I just get a thin towel and wrap it around the strings then proceed to rub them clean. I hate the feel of any of the string cleaners I've tried.
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