sick man, from the first riff at like 300bpm it's crazy as fvck
I didn't like the vocals that much, maybe for black metal they're good but you say this is death so...also EZdrummer's snare isn't good for what you're looking for.

that chugging 2:28 is great...as well as that impossible double bass

overall, fvcking sick riffs and guitar quality but try working more on the drums sound...and maybe on the vocals

c4c? technical stuff
Not a fan of the tone, it's not very brutal.

Your playing is damned awesome though, very impressive.

The vocals could use some work but they're good as Death Metal vocals. I'd reccomed upping the treble on them a bit.

The chugging from around the 1:00 mark is really brutal.

You definately have talent for this!
very good, i like the higher "danananannananana" type stuff in the first part especially, and throughout the song you do a good job of keeping it interesting without letting it turn into a riff-fest of brainless proportions. the mix itself is really good too, other than the snare drum everything is leveled nicely. i enjoyed it

as people have already said, the snare drum seems really plastic-sounding. i think the guitar tone could benefit from a bit more bass, since it seems really treble-heavy. practice projection in your growls, too, they'd sound a lot better if you could get them less airy and a bit deeper.

check mine out?
well, this type of vocals have never been my style but i think the intro is the craziest part, lol it is so cool and the song in general has a good run dude and you did an awsome job building it up before 2:28

i liked the song in general except for the vocals, but again, they arent my style