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well pit i often seem to get songs stuck in my head and i always seem to have one playing in there, and i've had "the times they are a changin' - Bob Dylan" on repeat in my head the whole day, so how about you? what song is stuck in your head right now?
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State of Massachusetts by Dropkick Murphys. I don't even know why, I haven't listened to them in over a month but I started thinking about it out of nowhere. (No, I don't watch MTV but I am aware it is the Nitro Circus theme song)
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lets build a home/goin back to memphis- the white stripes

i always have a song playing in my head, but usually its only certain parts of each song
It's always the last day of summer and I've been left out in the cold with no door to get back in
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By The Sword- Slash w. Andrew Stockdale.
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"The man that hath no music in himself, nor is not moved with concord of sweet sounds, is fit for treasons, stratagems, and spoils. The motions of his spirit are dull as night, and his affections dark as Erebus. Let no such man be trusted."
"Rhymin' And Stealin'' by Beastie Boys. Shit is so cash.
Time keeps on slipping...

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AtomicPunk7 is uncreative.
dont worry be happy by mcferrin
its been stuck in my head for five years now i have problems
"Jesus of Suburbia" by Green Day. The moment it gets out of my head, it just gets right back in.
jungle drums - david newman
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"Perhaps it's the color of the sun cut flat and coverin'
the crossroads I'm standin' at.
Or maybe it's the weather or somethin' like that.
But, mama, you been on my mind.

I don't mean trouble please don't put me down or get upset. I am not pleading
or saying I can't forget you.
I do not pace the floor bowed down and bent but yet,
mama you been on my mind.

Even though my eyes are hazy and my thoughts they might be narrow where you been don't bother me
or bring me down with sorrow.
I don't even mind who'll you be waking with tomorrow.
Mama, you're just on my mind.

I'm not askin' you to say words like yes or no. Please, understand me.
I have no place I'm callin' you to go.
I'm just whispering to myself so I can't pretend that I don't know.
Mama, you been on my mind.

When you wake up in the mornin' baby look inside your mirror. You know I won't be next to you. You know I won't be near.
I'd just be curious to know if you can see yourself as clear
as someone who has had you on his mind. "

Reminds me of someone, and makes me wanna drink.
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Yellow - Coldplay

that song deppresses me
i ****ed up bad
Pearl of the Stars - Coheed and Cambria

I can almost play and sing it at the same time now.. also working on the solo
One Lonely Visitor by Chevelle
Begin again in the night, let's sway again tonight.
Your arm on my shoulder, your cheek against mine.
Where can we go, when will we find that, we know.
Always Be My Baby - Mariah Carey

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Dance In The Dark - Lady GaGa.

Play that intro on guitar and it will never leave.

I noticed when I first heard it that it sounds kind of like Careless Whisper.
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Roulette by System Of A Down
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Blunt Ashes - Nas
Time keeps on slipping...

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AtomicPunk7 is uncreative.
Set It Off - Audioslave
Also pretty much the entire Sacrament album by Lamb Of God.
I almost always have a song playing or stuck in my head during the day.
Lady Gaga - Paparazzi (acoustic/piano)
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can i get a tl;dr up in this bitch?

A mod makes a joke and hi-jacks a thread...

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usually, this is often discussed in the political threads ...

let's change the question: are you pro or antti niemi?
Never Gonna Give You Up!!
Never Gonna Let You Down!
Never Gonna Run Around And Desert You..
If I stay too quiet
I can hear her walking by
Death cold air is moving
Like the touch of her hand

ikuisesti hallussa surua,
pienentynyt enkeli, ottaa minuun,
johtaa minut tämän arvokkaan valoa,
ja ikuiseen pimeyteen.
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Never Gonna Give You Up!!
Never Gonna Let You Down!
Never Gonna Run Around And Desert You..

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