Hi guys, I'm really looking to buy a new amp but I have no idea what's good.

What I have right now is some crappy beginner amp, it doesn't even have any proper controls, dials for "beef" "tweak" and "enjoy"(are those made up settings? )all of which do NOTHING, needless to say the amp itself doesn't sound very good.

I've got a budget of £100, maybe slightly over if necessary.

Willing to buy used or new, doesn't really bother me as long as I can get a good amp!

Not going to be using it for any gigs or anything like that, I've only been playing for about a week or two so that stuff doesn't concern me. I just want a good amp to practise with in my house and hopefully last me until I'm a decent guitar player, and obviously I want it to sound good

Lastly the type of music I'll be playing, I'm not fixated on any certain type of music so if I can get a somewhat versatile amp which can play different types of music nicely I'd be pretty satisfied.
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Peavey Vypyr or Roland Cube/Microcube

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Peavey Vypyr, get the 30 watt if you can.

That is not £100.

Roland Microcube
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That is not £100.

Roland Microcube

The 15W is <£100, and used a 30W is <£100 too, hence the 'if you can' statement.

But yeh either the Microcube or the Vypyr
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erm if you are not really into playing metal, vox valvetronix are good little amps for beginners!
microcube or vox da5 (i haven't tried the da5, i've tried the valvetronixes) are well under £100. I haven't tried the vypyr but I think the vypyr 15 is around £100. If you can stretch that budget slightly, consider the roland cube 30, vox valvetronixes, or more expensive vypyrs.

just don't get the cube 15x or 20x, because they don't have the amp models, and aren't as versatile.
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