I am looking for a simple song done on clean channel in drop C. When I say simple I mean something thats not too easy but nothing hard. I play metal but I had to sell my amp so I am playing through my stereo *so no distortion* and I have some heavy strings on so I dont want to risk breaking the neck of my guitar by tuning up to anything even close to standard tuning. Preferably something for rhythm guitar seeing as that is what I like to do.
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AHH!!! My one weakness, appregios... How did you know?

Thanks for the help, I will check it out tonight.
try hearts burst into fire by bullet for my valentine. the acoustic version is in drop c and is very fun to play. you can also listen to the actual version and play the intro. hope this helps
Also check out the acoustic version of Tears dont fall by BFMV. Great song and alot of fun to play.
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