Anyone have any recommendations for some humbuckers for my les paul that I built? I'm looking for a pink floyd kind of tone or maybe slightly heavier. Also, not active would be great.

check out all the sound samples.

I dont know any UK dealers but if you are in the US Nick at axepalace.com can get you whatever you want in about 2 weeks.
Irongear hotslag bridge and rolling mill neck I think if you're looking for a good cheap option, I personally have the Hammerhead and hot slag (B,N respectively) I love them and got em for like $80 shipped. Check em out. I would also look at GFS pickups.
My Gear:
Schecter Hellraiser FR Special.
EpiG400 lefty w/Dimarzio X2N/ Irongear Hot Slag
Peavey 6505+112 (head)
2x12 Cab w/ WGS v30 / gt65
GFS Tuner
TS-9 (Keeley ish mod)
Dunlop GCB-95 Wah truebypass
ICP Gstring Decimator