I had nothing to do for a couple hours, so I decided to make me a funk song. Basically, I just grabbed a guitar and hit record. I might go back into it and polish it up if I decide I like the song, so any suggestions/compliments/insults are greatly appriciated. Thanks in advance and C4C!


The song is called Funk Off.
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Hmmmmm it's a good concept but there are some basic recording issues here.

The drums are to low in the mix, I would also get a better drum program or whatever.

The bass is to high in the mix, it also doesn't really have the right tone or style of funk.

The guitar playing was really good but the tone of it seemed muffled to me.

But it was still was good and has some great ideas in there. C4C?


I like the piece very much - guitar playing at the start is VERY funky! I would prefer it if there weren't any drum clicks at the start, however leave them in for the verses as they sound better there. Also, perhaps turn the drums up a bit and the bass down.
Some great ideas here, i could see this benefitting form some vocals? Guitar playing is fluent and good, but vocals would really be the cherry on top of the cake.

Comment on mine? Thanks!
I like the guitar tone and style, for sure. As said before, the bass is a smidge too "treble-y"; you really need that dark, sexy bass sound to get the feel right. Really like the structure, and I think you could have a really cool song with some vocals. Kudos on the guitar solo, and keeping those runs pretty clean. I certainly couldn't do that!

All in all, I enjoyed! Oh, and P.S., thanks for the crit!

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I like the overall feel of the song, so funky, and has a great groove to it. I personally like the bass the way it is, that way you get that low groove from it as well as the guitars funky riffs. The guitar playing is very clean from what I hear,and I enjoy the catchy riff at the beggining, overall, keep it up.
I like it, some cool riffs in there and the bass is cool too.

I love the little guitar runs in the verse parts. however, the figure starting at 1:30 is horrible. it sounds awesome for a few secs, but it drags on way too long. You should at least cut it in half and preferable don't end it on a regular beat if you know waht I mean. It just emmits that "look at me, I can shred so I am cool" attitude and I think I'm not the only one to despise that. Still, kudos for the playing, I definitely couldn't do that myself, but I'm speaking from a songwriter's perspective.

I hear that you're doing the same thing in "Hope" haha. It's okay there though because it can count as some kind of motif.

Anyway, your solos are great but they are too predictable for my taste. I like solos with original phrasing.
Fore reference, I'm used to looking at guitar pro tabs. I'm not saying anything about your actual playing skill, but these two solos would sound rather boring in a tab.

I hope I don't sound too hars, I just wanted to get that off my chest

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The riff is so catchy

The bass fits well but doesnt sound that ''funky'' unless you intended to try something not so funk

I love the leads

I think Funk Off is a grand track! I like the combination of the all the instruments, especially the mellotron. I'm a sucker for mellotrons.

The guitar solos are very tasteful. They strike a nice balance between shred technique, and not being needlessly...fret-crazy.

The bass also has a catchy groove, I do appreciate a good groove, as bass is usually underappreciated.

However, I do agree that the drums are far too low in the mix. The beat of funk is like...The main thing, you know?

But I do think it's very good. Keep up the good work!

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