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Just today I discovered that when i was playing on the clean channel of my mesa mark iii blue stripe, that there is a slight fuzz on the clean channel. So if i strum a chord lets say, the chord rings out and i can hear a minuscule fuzz in the background. It's not very loud, but if you listen you can hear it.

It sounds fine otherwise, power tube wise it's a pair 6l6 str 415 outside, and a pair of 6l6 420 inside if that's any help.

Is it time for something to replaced ? All helps welcomed.

Sounds like old pre/power tubes...
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What are the settings on your clean channel. I have no experience with this amp, but on mu bugera's clean channel, if the volume or eq if too much above 12 o' clock, then it starts to distort.
^ ya that may be the case. My eq right now is vol 9, treb 7 pulled, bass 3.5, middle 5, master slightly around 2.

Glad to see another fellow opeth fan, cheers
just start by rolling the channel volume down untill the fuzz/dirt goes away, if that doesn't work, try fiddling around with the eq. With the master volume around that level, it shouldn't have any effect on the grit of the clean channel until around 4-5 or whenever the amp starts to open up/break up.
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