I got together with another guitarist today. He had some interesting songs and I ended up putting some lead parts over part of the song. Time only allowed for me to write lead riffs for part of the song so far. I'm interested in how this it going to play out. I love seeing songs transform when each part is added on one by one.

It's called Books, Read, Good on my profile. I'm on the right speaker.
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Critiquing as listening:

I like the intro, great lead riff. You guys compliment each other well. The left speaker dude is pretty good too and so are you. Damn you guys compliment each other pretty well. Not bad man, I wanna know how the song turns out. KEEP IT UP!

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I like it until 0:17.
When it comes to the middle/end it gets to messy to my taste. Sorry

But nice playing!

- Mark Railton
Have a great time!
It was a pretty cool riff at the beginning, it did get pretty messy at some points. Some rhythm setter would really help (drums for example haha) get that groove you're looking for.

Not much else to say, recordings pretty good, treble may be a little to high, just a little though.

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I liked that quite a bit, your guitar playing sounded better to me in general, I liked what you were playing and you played it well.

You guys do go together pretty damn sweetly, and I agree with it getting a bit messy, but you could fix that up with some jam sessions.

Make it a whole song!