Floating around
forever and eternity,
No hope of ever
getting home to see,

What could of happened
to the ones with love,
The ones with fate
and the ones with dreams
but now it's to late,

I guess you'll just
have to take my place
and act the best you can,
Like you always did before
it began,

Act out your dreams
and face your realities,
Lifes a coice with
endless possibilities,

In your darkest hours
make sure you remember,
How far you came and that
you died without shame,

It doesn't matter anymore
as you shout out in despair
into the thinning air,
It's not fair!

Your at one with your
sole, body and mind,
That is the treasure in
life that is the toughest to find,

Someone will come along
and pickup the pieces,
Just as you did
for me,

If not, well I suppose
life will just begin
again maybe?

This is a poem i wrote a few weeks ago,
haven't thought much of it and don't even know
what it all means to me,

If any of you want to, it would be cool to find
out what you think the meaning of the poem is,
I guess it means something different to everybody....

Until then...