Poll: What kind of stuff are you listening to on vinyl?
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New stuff. The Black Keys, Passion Pit, anything recorded at Third Man Records
8 15%
Classic stuff, the way it was intended to be listened to.
16 31%
I don't listen to anything on vinyl..
24 46%
Who the hell are The Dirty Projectors?
4 8%
Voters: 52.
First of all, I understand there is a vinyl thread. This is a poll, I'm just curious about exactly who is listening to the stuff and what..

If you listen to vinyl, what are you listening to? Is it classic Zeppelin and Sabbath, or is it The Dirty Projectors and The Dead Weather from your local record shop? I understand that vinyl is making a resurgence these past few years, and a large part of that is it is becoming increasingly "hip". So I'm curious how much of that applies to UG. Personally, I'll confess I do listen to bands like MGMT, and I do shop at local stores with some frequency. Yet I listen to my dads old copies of Sticky Fingers and Highway 61 Revisited and so forth, as much as I do the new stuff. So I'm somewhere in between.
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I can see using vinyl if you're a DJ. But everday citizens using vinyl? I just went flaccid.

What would be the benefit?
Both, your poll fails, but nothing from this supposed "Third Man Records". Sounds like you are trying to hard to be indie or hipster or whatever they are called now.
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I buy both CDs and Vinyl.

Edit: That didn't answer the question, I listen to both old and new stuff on vinyl.
Edit2: Why wouldn't you expect that in the poll?
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Simple stuff that sounds a bit thin or sterile on CD. I'd never listen to anything very complicated or big-sounding, it'd ruin them.

Except King Crimson, they're inexplicably brilliant on vinyl.
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1. I've had this account a few months, I've never seen anybody with this avatar but I haven't been on here much the past month or so.
2. I'm not "indie" nor do I desire to be, but I know people who are complete music snobs, and also do the vinyl thing and such, and I was curious how much of that demographic had a showing on UG if any at all.
3. This has failed anyway, it would seem
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Oh yeah, I don't listen to vinyl.


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Whatever I can get my hands on....

too bad my record player doesn't work. I have 2 Beatles albums, about a baker's dozen of Chicago, a couple Cash albums, and friends with cool stuff, none of which I can listen to
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I personally own one of the Original Master Recording versions of Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon. Its one of the highest quality versions of it on Vinyl and a collectors item ranging anywhere from $100-$500. Its amazing sounding.
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I don't listen to anything on vinyl, mate. Mainly 'cause I download all me music 'cause I'm a poor ****, aye? ha, but yeah, I've heard quality and shit's good in them vinyls, aye? Gotta check it out one day. Maybe when I'm older, havin' money n' shit aye?
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A buddy of mine has a collection of black metal vinyl records. It sounds sweet.

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I only ever listened to vinyl whenever there was a sesh at my friend's cabin, and he had everything from Babyshambles to the Doors. But I'm getting a vinyl player for my college house next year and the first album I got is Slint's Spiderland!

So that pretty much puts me in the middle.
Records man, records.
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I got OK computer on vinyl and CD sounds the same on both but listening to it on vinyl is cooler.
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I listen to both, but the most recent piece of vinyl I can put a definite date to was recorded in 2002. But I'll listen to whatever is cheap.

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