So I currently have a Marshall JCM2000 and i love the sound it gives me, but Im looking for something else.I'd like to possibly trade what I have for a Mesa of some kind(only looking for heads).I was wondering if anyone has any ideas or whatnot about what I could possibly get for it.NOT LOOKNIG FOR A TRADE HERE!!!Just letting that be known.
DSL or TSL? Head I'm assuming,, maybe 500-800 depending on the buyer and condition.
Sorry forgot to mention that.its a DSL.And how has the price gone down so much?Mine looks like i got ripped off because i paid almost twice that but that was before the reissues came out.
DSL/TSL for a Mesa? I'm not too sure what you might get for that, IMO you'd be better off selling the Marshall and buying a Mesa, rather than trying to trade. It'll be pretty hard to find someone willing to trade a Mesa for the JCM2000.
That said, you might get something like a DC2 or 3, F series, .22, maybe an Express.
you'll get like 800 at the most. if you can find someone who wants to trade their mesa for a jcm2000 it's worth a shot.

the reissues wouldn't have any impact on jcm2000 prices. they aren't reissues of jcm2000s.
There's just a lot of them and not very high demand for those amps.

a mesa dual rec, tverb or rectoverb will cost about 800 on the low end used if your lucky and push about 1100-1200 on the high end. A mark iv is about 1100-1300. The mesa's that phil mentioned are a bit cheaper.
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