I need to get new strings, and I don't know what kinds to try. What is the best strings to use (in your opinion)?
It depends on your wants/needs.

Me personally? I used to use Ernie Ball Regular Slinky's on my electrics, but recently i tried DR Hi-Beams, with some kind of fancy core or something. They sound INTENSE on my Strat. Nice and punchy. But they just make my Les Paul sound slightly too jangly, in my opinion.

So you know.

Personal taste, son. Rule of thumb though, thicker string = gnarlier tone. So sacrifice some skin for that rock. How much you give up is up to you though.
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I have a les paul, and I like a deeper sound, for solos. But gritty for metal-core. And I don't mind thicker strings. What thickness is best for the string?
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I like Ernie Ball stings in the green pack. They are .10s and they have a little heavier attack and more sustain than the .09s, but the 09s have less tension. If you play a low action guitar you probably would want .09s. I've tried just about every brand over the past 22 years of playing and I always wind up switching back to EB. Maybe it's just a personal preference, but I just love the over all tone and feel.
With the bands you seem to like, try tuning down to like C or something, get some thicker strings it sounds way cooler. .11s have something about them.
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I use Ernie Ball Power Slinkys. 11 Gauge, In Standard E tuning. I went up from .10s because I wanted more tension.
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I three different brands

Dr strings Hi-beams (11-50) are really bright in my strat but are really punchy in my RR5FR.

Dr strings Tite-fits (10-46) are the warmer version of the Hi-beams but super flexible so they're good for bending.

Dunlop Heavy Core Heaviest Gauge (12-54) regular tension when dropped tuned not recommended for standard. tone wise punchy and raw suited for metal.
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I advise (if you have a floyd rose) stay away from Ernie Slinky Top Heavy Bottoms (10-52), unless you have a good local tech (as i do) to set it up for you.

The unbalance of the heavy bottoms is really hard to adjust with the floyd rose. Its also hard to find other string brands that have this size (i know D'Addario does but no shop sells them :/)

In short, stay with a usual string size, no custom sizes like mine.
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has anyone tried gibson strings? how are they?
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has anyone tried gibson strings? how are they?

I'm not a big fan of Gibson strings, but admittedly it has been a very long time since I've used them. They might have improved considerably by now.

I like the Dean Markley Nickel Steel .10 to .46. There are a lot of other good brands out there, though. It is all going to come down to what you like; not what other people like.
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I like the Dean Markley Nickel Steel .10 to .46. There are a lot of other good brands out there, though. It is all going to come down to what you like; not what other people like.

+1 blue steel 10's for me. they never oxidize lol
elixer for me, .10's, for strat and lp but lil lighter for my hollowbody
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On my Schecter which is downtuned one step down I have Ernie Ball Beefy Slinky .11-54's and on my Lead II which is in standard tuning i have Elixer .10-46's.
its personal taste issue...

for me DR's are my favorite, but go through strings too fast to pay $8-$10 a pack, so i use the next best. D'addario. i like their nickelwound blues the best. they come in a 10 pack for like $35 in 9's 10's and 11's.

i personally have had really bad luck with ernie ball's and would never bother to string a set on a guitar of mine again.

GHS boomers have been decent to me in the past, but they got too inconsistant for a while there, and i always liked D'addarios better after i started using them.
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has anyone tried gibson strings? how are they?

I use Ernie Ball Regular Slinky's on my strat and Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky's on my tele custom. I dont like Gibson strings on electric guitars but i love them on acoustic ones, they have a deep powerfull sond but is still light.
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I'm a big fan of D'Addario XL strings. Currently I like the 11's with an unwound G.

I use these, or the same strings but 10s, depending on what guitar I'm putting them on.

They're pretty bright sounding strings though, so I don't know if that's what you're after.
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