so im finally getting to the point in my guitar playing where i want to start shredding. so far ive been all over a metronome and hours of repetition at varying speeds, until after about a month i finally turned out this cover: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEH66t6q8nc but my question: is hours of practice of the same things over and over and a metronome all i really need? what else should I be trying? thanks for the help.
Just keep at it dude, your doing pretty well. I would personally practice keeping your 4th finger in over the strings, for your next move.

Congrats on the recording, sounded pretty good. Don't focus on shredding too much though, just get some cool melodies down.

Ever think of buying a digital delay? Awesome to add a touch in lead work, makes the bends sound all noodley and cool
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Give up on speed and work on your bending and vibrato, those two things marked out that solo cover as being hugely amateurish.
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alright thanks to both of you guys, ill be working on both of those things for sure. for so long my pinky was a finger i just worked around but im finally working it in; and as for my bending and vibratos, i had always seen myself as a rhythm player so i never practiced the most basic soloing techniques. thanks again for the help
Shredding without adding a little soul and love to it its nothing, it's just a bunch of random notes mixed together. Work on your melodic phrasing, and leave the shredding for later.