Gah they only come in a gloss finish on the back of the neck! (which is all sticky feeling compared to satin)

The hot rod model with a humbucker comes with a satin finish on the back of the neck but I really don't want a humbucker on a tele

Would the gloss finish be something I got use to?
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On topic, I have a strat copy with that laquer-ish finish and I've gotten very used to it. In fact, it helps my hand slide because I have clammy palms so its like teflon to me...

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you would probably get used to it in about a week or so but i can only imagine how annoying it would be if your hands were sweaty when you were playing
If you don't get use to it, you could sand it of with fine sand paper without even touching wood.

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Ibanez PGM301 signed by Paul Gilbert
Ibanez PGM 500
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Saving for a GH100L/VH100R
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Just give the neck a bit of a sand, don't even have to go through the lacquer. It is very simple, I did it to my strat the other day and she plays like a charm now.
Yer try it if you dont like it get rid of it but not with sandpaper fine wire wool only.
Buy one and sand the neck down? Or, if you want to preserve the resale value, buy a replacement neck and keep the original and just switch is back when you come to sell it. Then also sell the replacement neck
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buy the hot rod and a tele neck single coil pickup?

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