i have made a simple EH LPB1 clone, it has no led indicator, and the bypass is working, but i notice no difference in sound turning it on and off and having the gain pot at min and max...so how do i judge from sound whether my clone is working? thx
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It should get a LOT louder at max, probably so much that it will overdrive the input stage of your amp, depending on the input signal strength and the gain of the circuit (I don't know the specifics on that one).
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The LPD isn't technically clean....

But just because it's a boost doesn't mean you can't tell. Shouldn't it's name indicate how it works? It boosts your signal. So if you're using a tube amp, this will increase your gain quite nicely.

Remember, gain = volume. Clipping/Distortion is something different. However, when we place a lot of gain in the preamp of a tube amp, it will distort.

Sounds like yours doesn't work.
I have a nice picture showing what goes where. A guy drew it up for me a while back. Still haven't made it...
I'll see if I can find it this afternoon.
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