So I've changed strings, to some ernies ball not even slinky, they're pretty thick, made for downtuning.

I can't tune to standard tuning with these, gets too tight and the string would just break, is this normal?

Guess I can't have it both ways, like firm in downtuning and firm in standard, then it would be loose downtuned...

So ok, that's fine

I'll be playing in d tuning anyway, but the first string (1 the thinnest) I can't even tune to proper d tuning, it's supposed to be a D, but that gets too tight.

So what did I do wrong when putting the string on, just too little slack before I tied it around the neck pole thingy?
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Thick strings have higher tension...
I remember when I started using thicker strings. I started panicking since it was already in full tension of light strings and it hadn't even been tuned yet.

Most likely you "overwrapped" it around the tuning posts... only wrap it 2-4 times. If that doesn't fix it...

Your guitar needs to be set up for thicker strings. I suggest that you do NOT set it up. Take it to a guitar store and see what they do. If you need to set it up, just set up the bridge height, string height, intonation, and maybe spring tension. NEVER EVER touch the truss rod, because it is very very "messable up." You can break or warp the neck wood. OK, that should scare you enough to not touch it.

I suggest lowering the bridge and string height, then intonating it. If your strings are REALLY thick, you might have to get another 2 springs. What gauge are you using? Is your guitar a hardtail or a trem? What type of trem?
My guitar has a floyd rose style bridge, it's just a Cort guitar.

The strings are not really thick, the thickest is 1156.

I've only wrapped 2-4 times around the post.

What happens now is that I can't get it tuned to D tuning even, that's the tuning I've been trying for the last hour. What happens is that it falls right out of tune, when I'm done with the last string the first one is out of tune again, falls down, this happens with all the strings.

And if I just keep at it, all that happens is that my bridge gets raised, to the point where I have to stop because there's just too much tension in the bridge, but not that much tension in the strings, weird...
Floyd Rose bridge?
Oh boy. Floyd Rose bridges are very hard to maintain. In this case just take it to the music store.

By the way, have you been changing strings right? Have you removed them all at once or have you changed them one at a time?