I have now been planning my first guitar build out for about a year now and have finally decided to get started. I actually started a thread about this build I think about a year ago now but that (rather amusingly) slipped into an argument about the ultimate guitar. Since then the guitar has changed so much that I have decided to make another thread. This time I won't mention anything about this being the ultimate build. Here are the basic specs so far:

Telecaster shape
1 piece solid mahogany body (already have it)
Tortoise tele deluxe shaped pickguard
Stewmac (mighty mite) telecaster neck, rosewood fingerboard
HSH pickup arrangement ( Seymour Duncan sh-2n jazz at the neck, stewmac golden age single coil in the mid position, and a Seymour Duncan sh-2 JB at the bridge)
Individual push pull coil splits for both humbuckers
Bigsby b5 tailpiece
Schaller roller bridge

I will post the guitar's kisakae model and full parts list soon.

If you have any comment or advice please post.

Admira Artista classical guitar
$99 Steel string (actually quite good!)
If what you posted is what you have as your avatar then I'd say it should turn out to be rather nice.
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I have to ask, because I was wondering from what you listed: Do you tend to like the sound of gibsons/les pauls, but the feel of telecasters?
are you giving it a finish or leaving it natural? if its good grain i think i would leave it natural
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I would leave the give the guitar a natural finish if it had a nice grain, however at the moment from what I can see, the body blank looks quite plain. It probably looks better underneath but I guess I'll see what happens.
The sound I'm looking to get from this guitar is sort of les paul with a bit of fender in it, but I am more of a Gibson person.

I have made this kisakae model for you to get an idea of what it will (hopefully) look like.

Full parts list and wiring diagrams are coming soon...
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If you can't see the photo here is a link:
Admira Artista classical guitar
$99 Steel string (actually quite good!)
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