I have an orange crush 15R guitar amp that has some awesome clean tones and some nice classic distorted tones. I was wondering if i would be able to play a live gig with it and not get drowned out by the drums, other guitar, bass and vocals. Most of the gigs i would play would have the amps miced but some others wouldnt. Any help regarding if i would be able to play live would be great.
15watt SS amp would definately have some touble keeping up with a drummer - unmic'd.
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it would definitely need mic'ing up and a shit-hot sound guy to get the best sound for you
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there is no way that is going to work at an un-miced gig in anything bigger than an apartment. and even then i wouldnt think anyone outside the front row would hear you. the amp just doesnt have the volume to really get over drums, and wont really cut through at high volumes if it competes with other instruments.

anything with a miced amp will be fine since the soundguy can just turn your mic up.