I'm going for an audition to be in a band and I need quite an easy song that sounds great and is fun to play. Any suggestions.
Diamond head - Am I Evil
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Diamond head - Am I Evil


Anywho, it all depends on the kinda band it is. Try some classical soloing or something.
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try some black sabbath, all they're doing is blues and pentatonics and they sound kick ass
Any of the above mentioned songs are "rock". IF the bend plays the style of the Chilis, id call them more funk-rock or alt.

Holy Diver - Dio.
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Through the fire and flames - Dragonforce
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Through the fire and flames - Dragonforce

lol stack
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The concept of self-fulfilling prophecies never seem to occur to the ones that always create them.

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Redeem Team - Buckethead (neither a shred fest, nor too heavy)
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I got a band gig doing Radiohead's 'Just' once. The other guys played it normal. I went even more batshit than the song normally is, harmonizing licks with the other guitarist in the band, doing stupid wide unison bends on the ascending lick, putting in extra wah fills, and generally trying to turn it into a Sabbath song.

I also showed up with a 20 watt tube amp and cranked it, while the other guys had 50 and 100 watt amps that they couldn't turn up enough.

I got hired on the spot. They said they liked how I was thinking outside the box, and how I knew my equipment and brought the 'right' amp for the gig instead of the 'cool' amp.

Something to think about.

Also good is Garth Brook's/Chris Gaines' 'Unsigned Letter.' As recording, the song is boring as hell. But its very well-written, and turns into a Maiden song a lot better than people would think. And again, bonus points for creativity.

So I'd say pick a really well known song that isn't overly rocking, and make it rock so hard that the singer gets a nosebleed. That impresses almost any audience.
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through the fire and flames - Dragonforce

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lol stack

At least he didn't say Free Bird.
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Through the fire and flames - Dragonforce

^ This, also, Crazy Train.
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Could be impressive going across all the strings and the pinches, could impress them but it'd help if we knew what type of rock
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Well it all depends on what kind of band and music they are. That and the personalities of them. But assuming it is a rock type band, although it isn't heavy on vocals my choice is "La "Grange".

It is a easy song that fits many occasions. No matter the level of the band, pro or amateur, it is one of those songs that just gets your head bobbing. Plus it is a song that you can improvise extended soloing to, it is a great practice song to test yourself soloing wise also. And it is a song popular to crowds, and dancable. And it is good for a single or double guitar band.

Blues rock, classic rock or even newer rock, the song works. Except for maybe a extreme metal band.

Just remember though being in a band is about connecting with the right personalities besides music ability. It should be about team playing, the guy who goes off on "look at me "look at me" look how badass I am" isn't necessarily going to impress.

Born to be wild is another easier song, that you can tweak also whether you are classic or modern rock. And another song that rocks timelessly.
Play something you’re already good at. If you try to learn an easy to audition for band it’s going to be obvious and they’ll probably blow you off.
Or get a clue to what the bands set list is. That way you can prepare ahead of time. You can know a 100 songs and chances are they do different ones.
Oh and ask ahead of time what tuning they use. If you tune to standard and they tune down a half step you need to know.
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its a rock band, i was thinking of doing some chillis

Do "This velvet glove"

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