I've been playing for almost a year on electrics pretty much exclusively. Electrics are my main focus but there are some days I just want to laze around with an acoustic. But I still want that ability to plug in for amplification. My budget is extremely tight, so I look at Rondomusic.com a lot. I hear good things about the sites electrics but what about their acoustics?


This is the one I'm interested in. Any input would be good
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My guess is badly built, dull sounding, cheap hardware, and lousy electronics.

If you're serious about acoustic, I'd say save up and get something good -- Yamaha has the FG720SL for $330, which is a little ridiculous IMHO, but it's a good guitar with a solid wood top (meaning better sound). There's plenty of other good ones, of course; I just like Yamaha because they're inexpensive and have very consistent quality. It may take longer to save up, but it's well worth it since a higher quality guitar will last you much longer than any of those SX toys.

Unless you're gigging and need to plug in, you're better off without electronics. A straight acoustic model is generally better quality than an electro-acoustic at the same price point, because with the electro you're paying for both the guitar and the electronics. In other words, for any given straight acoustic, a comparable electro model will be a bit more expensive.