I've been in the market to buy a Strat for a while now, and 200 bucks seems like too good of an offer to pass up. I plan on upgrading the pups and hardware eventually anyways, so the fact that it's MIM doesn't really bother me.

I play guitar in a ska band.
Modded MIM Strat > Fender Tuner > Bugera V55HD > Custom built 2x12
Definately looks good at that price i would check it out throughly and maybe check the serial.
Id get it. Ive been looking for one too, and it seems everytime im broke, I see great deals on MIM strats. Ive seen them go on craigslist all the way from 150 to 350.
The fact that it's MIM shouldn't bother you, but 21 vs 22 frets maybe should, depending on what you like to play and how many guitars you have. Otherwise if you're going to change the hardware & pups anyway, then you might as well just get a brand new Affinity Squier for a lot less than that.
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