I own an Ibanez ART 120 with IBZ-LZ active pickups.

The pickup selector has 3 positions:

\ | /
Neck, Neck and Bridge, Bridge

A few days ago I was playing in the bridge pickup and the sound simply died.
I was like this:
/ :no sound
| : poor sound (50% neck and 50% bridge)
\ : blazing sound!

Since they are active pickups i thought it was because of the batteries but I the realized that was not possible since it's 1 battery for all the pickups, so none of them should work.

I believe the problem is back contact somewhere in the electronic circuit. I'll take it to the local shop and see whether they can fix it but I COULD REALLY USE SECOND OPINIONS.

Thank you,
António Miguel Sousa
Dirty selector switch gets my vote, get hold of some Servisol contact cleaner.
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take a look inside and just see if all the connections to the switches and pickups are still held together.
Try moving the pickup switch back and forth constantly for a few minutes
Yes, they are.
This comes and goes. It doesn't happen every time. Thats why I tough about bad contact.