So I was wondering if ibanez made any other artcore models in left-handed, other than the 73 and 83?

Also, why do these companies assume left-handed people just like playing cheap strat knockoffs, like we're too stupid to play jazz, blues, or rockabilly and would like a hollowbody with a tremolo, which is part of my question aswell: If Ibanez does have other lefty archtops, do any have the tremolo that you know of?

And if not, does anyone know of any other guitar brands in the mid-level price range that have hollowbody or semihollow guitars possibly with floating bridge and tremolo?

I've look all over the place and all I can seem to find in the way of lefty archtop guitars are:

Hagstroms: seem alright, but I no trem, I suppose one could replace tailpiece but still no floating bridge.
Epis: Sheraton II seemed nice, I don't really like dots, and again... hardtail
Gibsons: Too pricey

and those 2 ibanez.

I was just wondering if it was that difficult to find lefty model with the bridge features I mentioned, seeing as there are MORE THAN ENOUGH with the same specs in the same price-range for righties.

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Because it's too expensive to build Lefty guitars and lefty parts like bridges, for like, 10% of the guitar playing population.

It sucks you got the shaft, but make do with it, like Jimi or Herman Ri. Sorry for putting them in the same sentence.
Thanks deadDuck, I've been then though.
I know it's counterproductive, I just figured each company's got like 20 models standard right-handed.

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