im planning to buy a vox vt30 next week, and i was wondering if anybody with a 7 string uses this amp?
no but i was just ****ing with one, and i got a great metal tone from it.
buut it was the 50 or 120 watt one or some shit.
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I think there are better amps you can get for metal in the same price range. I own a VT30 and love it to bits, but i mainly use it for cleans - the metal amp models on it are OK but you could do better. The Peavey Vypyr may be more your thing...

I suggest you go to the local guitar store and try a 7 string through all the amps in your price range, then decide on your favourite
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I had a VT30 when I got my baritone and that was why I switched to tubes. The modern distortion models on the VT30 sound great in E or D, but as sound as I dropped down to C#, much less B, it started getting farty. But hat could be because my pickups have a thick warm low-end that could compete with a Black Tail cover model, so YMMV. Take your 7-string to the store with a big pair of headphones and see what kind of sounds you can get out of it. And buy it at a store that will let you return it if you don’t like it; Guitar Center let me return mine with no hassle or fees.
thanks for the replies, since the peavey vypyr isnt available in my country i might as well get a line 6