Hey, I play guitar =p, and we're female fronted. Started about 2 months ago, and have to songs recorded, so I decided to make a thread.

Check it out, help me decide what genre it is closest to (I've just been calling it gothic), and give any honest criticism please.

Thanks in advance

Its definitely gothic metal. I know because it sounds like every other gothic metal band ever. If this is the kind of music you want to make, then by all means make it, but do something to spice it up and stand out. Write a few fast songs, multitrack the vocals for some intense harmonies, throw in some blast beats or something, I don't know. But if you want to get anywhere, you're going to need to stand out.
This stuff is ****ing awesome. I would disregard everything the guy above said.

Everything is really good, and the best part is its really polished sounding and mixed well. There's no reason this wouldn't "stand out" amongst a cloud of bullshit metalcore bands in the NY scene.
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I never said it sounded bad. Your recordings sounded really professional and all that jazz, it just sounds like every other gothic metal band I've ever heard. It sounds good but unoriginal. If there aren't any gothic metal bands around you, then you may not need to stand out to make it in your area. If you want to make it bigger, though, you'll probably need to catch people's attention somehow.
Loved it, I'd go and see a band like this. Really accessible for both men and woman. The guitars and instrumentation are really heavy and driving, and the girl's voice is really emotional and soothing. I don't think its at all like any gothic metal I've heard, not even ones with female vocals.

The only thing is that both songs sound almost identical. So even though the sound itself is refreshing for me, I wouldn't want a whole album full of this
Yeah, the next two songs we're writing for the demo both have less of the tempo dips, and the the dynamics with the cleans/heavy parts. They're more driven throughout the whole thing, these two songs just happened to come first.