I have a Boss DD-5 that I bought off eBay last year. It's been working fine until yesterday when I tried using it. I had it plugged into the official Boss power supply and had it running through my FX loop, with everything connected properly.

The first thing I noticed was that the LED was on, even though I wasn't getting any delay. So I stepped on the pedal and it just gave a loud, deep popping noise and didn't come on. I kept trying to step on it and it still wouldn't come on, and the popping noise kept occuring, even if I knocked or moved the pedal at all.

I know the power supply works, because I used it with another pedal and it worked just fine so that can't be the problem.

Here's what I've tried so far:
Putting pedal in FX Loop
Putting pedal in front of amp
Using a battery instead of wall power
Using wall power
Using different amp
Using different cables

Can someone tell me whats going on? Thanks!
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