does anyone know where I can find a guide on pinch harmonics? I have already tried google and ehow.

Search UG lessons.

If their not there - which they will be - check youtube.
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use the searchbar. tons of threads asking about pinch harmonics, and how to do them.
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You tube it. You can find them every where...at first it may seem that the video lessons are wrong but usualy it is something on your end. You want to be certain you have enough gain and highs for a pinch harmonic to be heard.

You also must find the correct position above or in between the pickups.

lastly the picking motion must be right. The best way I can describe it is kinda like turning a car key. while making slight contact with your thumb.
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You also must find the correct position above or in between the pickups.

This isn't true. Pinch harmonics can be played in many locations, not just above or between the pickups. They are wherever there would be a harmonic to the note you're fretting. It's like playing natural harmonic, except instead of playing an open string, you're using finger in the same way as the nut of the guitar. You can do pinch harmonics all along the neck, even above the fretboard, provided you're at a harmonic to the note you're playing.

Finally, everybody has their own technique. Take advice from people here, lessons, and YouTube. It takes a lot of practice to get pinch harmonics consistently. Keep at it, experiment, and you'll find something that works for you.
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YOUTUBE. I learned how to play them in about an hour. I forget what the video was though.
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