I was playing my Schecter C-1 Classic today and I looked at the pickups. The neck Pickup is slanted. Like the metal is closer to the string on the 6th string (high E) and farther away on the bottom E. The bridge pickup is even across. Is it supposed to be like that?
You can adjust them however close to the strings you want, you know that, right?

So if you want it to be level, you can make it level.
There are little screws on either side of the pick ups for them to be adjusted. This is to help personalize the sound of the guitar. The closer the pickups to the string the more out put.
^Thats what I thought, I guess I just dont remeber it being slanted when I got it. I didnt know if something broke or whatever. Thanks though
Wrong forum dude.
This goes in the electric guitar forum.
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