So yeah, when I play music it comes out of both speakers, but as soon as I plug in my UX1 and play it through the speakers it only comes out of the left speaker, aswell as music I play along to in Reaper. Can anyone help me as this has just happened recently?
when you plug in the UX1 it acts as the new soundcard, and the sound'll come out depending on how you've set up the UX1 (eg. headphones in the front, analogue outs at the back)
so try checking where your speakers are plugged in. If they're just plugged into the left side then it'll only come out of the left speaker? Where're they plugged into?
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I'll have to check the back of the PC. My dad grouped all the wires together to keep them clean and unmessy, but it's nearly impossible to tell which wires go to the speakers haha.
Tap on the headphone output, this happens to me sometimes and I just have to fiddle with the 1/4 to 1/8 converter and it starts working again.
either you have a bad connection, or the ux1 is set for the wrong kind of playback. ive had that issue with my old interface, and if you have stereo output selected but a mono input, it will only come out the left speaker. i would be that is your problem.
Music comes out of both, but the guitar only comes out left. I don't see what's going wrong.
guitar is a mono instrument, which means it will only be on the left side of a stereo channel. set the track in reaper to mono, it should fix the issue. make sure none of the plugins on the track are in stereo.