Hardcore band out of Germany. They recently did a split with Comadre and their half owns. HERE'S a link to their myspace, cause if you search "glasses hardcore" on google you'll get sticky results. You can get their new split HERE cause Comadre likes to give all their music away for free.
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if you search "glasses hardcore" on google you'll get sticky results.

production reminds me abit of tragedy, good stuff
I was going to post in this and completely forgot. I like this band but they have ex-members of Perth Express and Trainwreck who are like ten thousand times sweeter (I really like those two bands). That said, I like how their sound is really dirty, it definitely sets them apart from bands doing a similar thing.
I enjoy this very much. As JxD said, I don't know if i like them as much as Trainwreck but this is pretty awesome.
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I didn't even know there were members (ex-members?) of Trainwreck involved I enjoy both. I've never even heard of Perth Express.
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Got the Split with Comadre a few days ago.
Good stuff. Hadn't heard of em until the release with Comadre.
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I've never even heard of Perth Express.

Then go listen to it goddammit!
BUMP cuz I saw this band recently and they roxed my sox off
plus the singer was really hot
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Double bump cause I bumped Comadre and Punch so I might as well bump this again too. PEOPLE NEED TO LISTEN TO THIS BAND.
I'm an asshole.
Bump because I was talking about them last night and more people should listen to them.
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Band is pretty swell. Nothing new, but they're good at what they do.
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I don't like this band. Uninspired, derivative, dumbed down, cheese Metal riffs played in a nu-Harcore style. The structure is fairly incoherent as well. Thumbs down from Siskel.