I've been playing for about 8 months now, and all the equipment I originally started with I got for free from friends, and while I appreciated it no doubt, it's time for me to get something that actually sounds good. I'm pretty serious about playing and I definitely plan on sticking with it for a while. I'm planning on getting a new guitar and a new amp with my graduation money. My friend has a peavy valveking 112 that he's selling for $275, which seems like a really good deal. The reviews online that I've read seem to say that it's a pretty good amp, although I've seen some people here on the forums say they don't like it. I mostly play 70 and 80's rock sort of stuff. I'm not really into metal a whole lot, although I do have a super overdrive boss pedal that I can use if I'm looking for a more aggressive tone. I've borrowed it for a few days and it certainly sounds nicer than the amp that I had, but without a decent guitar it's really hard to distinguish a *huge* difference. Has anyone played this amp before and do they have any advice as to whether I should purchase it? I'm moving in just under a week so if I do buy it it's gotta be soon. I do plan on possibly gigging with the next amp I get as well. Thanks for any and all help
Based on your tastes in music: GET THE VALVEKING. Especially considering as how they cost like twice that new. Unless it's the really soft bluesy stuff you want to do.
It really depends on how particular you're about your tone. 275 is a good deal for an amp but if it turns out not to be what you really like then it isn't worth much. If you can, check out some other amps, obviously they wont be in that price range, but its better to not spend money on an amp that you'll end up disliking then jumping the gun and making an impulse buy. I only say this because i personally don't like the valve king, but everyone has their opinions, likes and dislikes. Good luck!
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