So I just got a guitar like two weeks ago and I'm currently taking lessons, but I'm awful. Absolutely terrible lol, but I love it. Anyhow, after buying a guitar, I'm pretty sure John Mayer is my new hero. I'm not into his singing or songs, but I love his guitar playing. Anyhow, I want to play this:


Is it worth trying or should I wait a little while before I decide to begin. I still don't know a song at all, and I want this to break my virginity lol.
And yea, I have an acoustic, so this song probably won't translate to that well at all. I don't care though lol. I need to know it.
I couldn't get it to load past the 3 minute mark, but nothing there sounded overly complicated.
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If you want to get really technical about it..

1. Grab sticks.
2. Bang sticks on drums.

^how to play drums.

john mayer IS the sh*t. ant tbh it doesn't sound that difficult up to 35 ish seconds, as it gets closer to the minute its a bit more difficult.

probably keep practising for about 6 months and you might be able to play it.

easier songs by mayer for acoustic include "the heart of life" "daughters" "your body is a wonderland" "belief" and his anthem "why georgia" i'd suggest you got things like that down first before trying to play his electric guitar stuff on an acoustic.

as for translating it onto an acoustic, he's playing the intro at like the 15th fret + by the looks of it at a glance so it'll be hell playing that comfortably on an acoustic. the rest riffy bit looks betweent he 5th and 9th so not too hard but again he's got a few effects on that which an acoustic cant replicate but good luck to you sir.

keep listening to mayer though, he is awesome.
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Lol, 0:35 to 0:45 is the part I'm most interested in. I agree though, I need a lot more experience under my belt before I attempt to tackle it. This has single-handedly upped my motivation by like 100x, though.

And yea, I am a John Mayer fan. I bought the "Where the Light Is" blu-ray the other day to watch the guitar playing. His version of Free Fallin' might be one the best covers I've ever heard.
If you just started playing it might be pretty hard for you but it's not difficult. Nothing MAyer plays is complicated or difficult. lol
what i listened to is very simple, and honestly i can't see any reason why you can't do what's at 35 to 45 seconds now. why not ask your teacher to show it to you? or for that matter, make sure your guitar is in tune, put on the video and find each note, one at a time?