Hey, I'm really just looking for crits and maybe some exercises that can really help my voice out, because I've been told my tone has alot of potential, but I need to craft and master it correctly.

So the cover is +44's "No It Isn't" It's the first song in my profile.

Thanks guys.

Yes, poop.
You sound a lot like the singer for Greenday. Yes lots of potential, I bet people would buy songs that sounded like that, it doesn't sound like your trying too hard, and I think you sound pretty good.
Haha, love the start! I don't really understand it, but it's funny
Your voice is very nice, very good timbre to it - I guess the thing that I could suggest is not 'reaching up' for high notes, but instead 'coming down' on them (if you know what I mean). It sounds goods already, but I think that would make your voice sound natural, and completely unstrained.

I haven't heard the song before, but all sounding very nice. I would suggest sticking in a couple of dynamics here and there to keep the listener interested (not that I already am not!), it would help with rounding the piece off very nicely.
Guitar accompaniment is great, no complaints there - very good recording quality overall too

Keep it up! You DO have a lot of potential!

Comment on mine (either on youtube, or here please)? Thanks