Hi, im new to the forums and was wondering if anyone could help me. I have a Fender super champ XD and was playing on it not too long ago when i tried to switch the channel from dirty to clean it didn't work. I turned off the amp and turned it back on with the switch on clean. I assumed that it recovered itself but when i switched it to dirty i couldn't switch it back to clean.. So basically clean to dirty is fine but not the other way.

Any ideas??

btw i still have the fender 5 year warranty but want to know if this could be fixed w/o sending it in.


just tried to play on my amp and now the volume on the dirty is messed up too. the volume doesn't really sound until 3-4(which is normal) but when i put it on 0 it sounds like its on 10!

i'm thinking i should just get it fixed professionally but would anyone have an idea on how it got this way?