So I'm in the market for a new guitar and I have it set on a Godin. The two I narrowed it down to from there was the Freeway Classic or the Velocity. The Velocity is about $400 more then the Freeway but someone local is selling it used so the Freeway and Velocity are going for about the same price for me.

As far as influences go I really like everything about Muse otherwise my influences lie in 70's classic rock (Deep Purple, ect).

I played both of them today and both of them play really well. My only concern about the Velocity is the active pickup switch. I don't really have any experience with active pickups or 9 volt batteries in guitars. Is there anything that can go wrong with the active pickup system that can brick the guitar? Is the active pickup system just a gimmick or is there some real use to it? Also, thoughts on the Freeway vs Velocity?

Any input would be awesome!
Thats what I was thinking. I really like the finish on the freeway too. I'm just worried I might be letting a great deal go. The Freeway would be brand new and cost about $600. The Velocity is used (but not a scratch on it only about 5 months old) and would cost $520 tops (I offered $470). But I just don't think I need the active pickup system (it seems so metal).
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But I just don't think I need the active pickup system (it seems so metal).

It just gives you different sounds, that's all. You don't have to use the active system if you don't want to, but it's always there if you change your mind.

My friend has a 70's Strat with active pickups that he uses for mainly Grateful Dead-type stuff. They're not just for metal. (Although admittedly, Godin's particular choice of pickups seems rather geared toward that genre. Eh, you go with what sells.)

If you like them about equally, and you can get the higher-end guitar for less, do you seriously need to give it a second thought?
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Well they accepted the offer on the Velocity which is good and I was really thinking about it and I'm really starting to like the finish of the Velocity (blonde, natural flame). I think I'm gonna go with the Velocity! I can hardly wait!
So I got the velocity today and it plays really well. I'm very impressed with it. There is a little fret buzz on the low E string but otherwise it rocks! Thanks for the input all!