So, I restringed my guitar with ernie ball regular slinky strings, since i was still using the many year old stock strings that came on my fairly bad encore KC3. Anyhoo after alot of retuning and pulling strings the strings stopped going out of tune so much and are ok now.

However, the new B string makes a strange kinda buzzy sound when struck open, the note is in tune and all, its just theres a buzzy sound accompanying it. when fretting notes on the b string the noise is not there .. any ideas/ suggestions?
(tuning with an electronic tuner boss tu-8 btw)
probably not sitting in the nut properly or the bridge, either that or you are noticing some fret buzz wich means your action is too low
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i played it multiple times and observed the fretboard its not hitting any. How do I ensure it's properly in the nut and bridge? because it doesn't look as if anythings wrong with how its sitting in the nut and on the bridge. then again its a locking tremolo bridge so i'm not really sure if it's correctly seated !
Open fret buzz, or even the first few fret, will mean that the nut itself needs to e adjusted, versus the bridge. Nut blanks are cheap, and don't worry plastic is one of the est out there. You could try bone if you want.

My local guitar shop slots nuts for free, IDK you may have to pay labor, can't be much either way.
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