Hey there. Vocals has always been the one thing musically I'm not great at so I tossed together a couple songs here for you guys. The instruments were just tossed in for some effect, didn't try to hard there. I'm starting vocal lessons next week, but let me know what you guys think. I'm missing something I know just can't figure out what. Both in profile. Thanks!
nasaly..but a good way to learn to sing in your head voice (i think)

try laying down to sing..it will help you us your diaphragm..also putting a book on your stomach will help Strengthen your diaphragm
Ugh yeah my nasal tone sucks I have year long bad allergies so I'm always stuffed up so figuring that out has been a challenge. And yeah I only sung a bit of it with my diaphragm...or at least breathed with it.