I'm a rock/metal player (Zeppelin, Metallica, ect.) and I have a friend who wants to learn guitar but doesn't know anything about it and doesn't have enough money for lessons. She wants to learn acoustic. That was bad enough news for me. Then I asked if she had any songs in mind, because learning chords is so much more fun when they can be directly applied to songs you like. So she told me she liked Counting Crows, James Taylor, Colbie Caliet, and Van Morrison. I haven't heard of most of them, and the only "Van" I like is Van Halen, but I don't think learning Eruption is high on her list of things to do. If anyone can give me some suggestions based on those, preferably songs relying mostly on E, D, A, G, and F chords and maybe fifths and sevenths, that would be spectacular. I'm a bit out of my element with her.
Be honest and say that you don't know anything that she could like. It won't turn out well otherwise.
She already knows that. Because when she first asked me to teach her I laughed. But she wants to learn and I see no reason that I cannot help her. I may not be an acoustic enthusiast but I'm quite certain that there are plenty of good songs for a beginner like her and a hard rock guitarist like me to learn. Perhaps expanding my repertoire would help me be a better guitarist at the same time I'm helping my friend.