well another NAD post after my last NAD which was a Fender Supersonic which ended up getting returned...the Supersonic is just too much shoved into a tight chassis, the reverb started buzzing, the FX Loop was noisy, the drive channel was bright as heck even after a bias. sooo i went to a local place and picked up a Fender Bassman 59 LTD RI.

went locally because the place here "Alpha Music" has their own warranty and instore Amp Repair so for a year i get free repairs 10 minutes away and the turn around is usually only a day or two and after a year i only pay for parts etc(free biasing regardless), but the Bassman RI although PCB, the Pots, Tube Sockets and Jacks are PTP wired to the chassis so thats a plus.

its overly simple...Hi/Low inputs, Normal and Bright, you can jump both to blend the normal and bright channel, NO REVERB! or Fx Loop which allows for major pedal choices.

nice beefy sound with humbuckers, 50 watts breaks up slightly around 5...that gave me a major painful headache! sings with telecasters, but i only have guitars with humbuckers but with presence knob tweaking the Les Paul sounds great.

no Reverb so a Holy Grail Reverb pedal sounded great infront of it.

here's some pics:

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ya hi five!
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nice! looks fantastic. i don't know how it'd sound, but the tweed is hella sexy!

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nice! looks fantastic. i don't know how it'd sound, but the tweed is hella sexy!

like a marshall ?

yea i did.

great amp TS, played it a bunch and it's great.

edit: tweed doesn't hurt either, very nice.
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Ok then, open it up and give us a look inside.

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Ok then, open it up and give us a look inside.



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