I found this recently in the back of an issue of Guitar Player mag, and it got my attention. I've got this Les Paul with a Bigsby, and have had the same issues that most people have. You know, just touching the damned bar and throwing the whole thing out of tune. Anyway, this kit supposedly turns the vibrato into a locking style system... I was just wondering if anyone else has seen/heard anything about them. There seems to be no video demonstrations of the device in action, even on the company website. Here's the link is you want to see it:


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Thanks AXE, MLP forum
I don't know how much I'd trust the system/company based on the following:
The Sta-Tuned Vibrato Fine-Tuner allows you to easily go to different tunings without removing the String-Lock. This will only be neccesary when you want to change your tuning or if, over time, temperature or humidity affects your tuning.

If you want to have better tuning stability with a Bigsby, I've heard that the best option is to upgrade to a roller TOM and locking tuners, with lubrication of the nut.