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its simple:

post music videos that the artist should be ashamed of making.


1. the artist must be fairly well known
2. it has to be the video thats bad, not the song (or not just the song)
3. no flaming. nobody cares if you think the artist is bad, this thread is about laughing at the terrible music video they made.
4. no you cant post jan terri.

ill start

wolfmother-far away
Emerse your soul in love

You used to be alright What happened?

Yellow tigers crouched in jungles in her Dark Eyes .
is iwrestledabearonce a well known band? cause i think "tastes like kevin bacon" might be one of the stupidest music videos i've ever seen.
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@Doctor Matthews icwutudidthere with your sig. very clever!

probably "Breaking The Chains" by Dokken or any early 80s video
I quite like Far Away...

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Quote by CullenT

as much as I like this band this music video has nothing to do with the song, and it looks like stolen footage from a Chris Daughtry video.

Eh, that girl's rather enjoyable tits almost make up for it.

On a serious note, the footage is so mismatched with the style of music its hilarious.
Mann Gegan Mann - Rammstein

These guys make some weird videos. Usually they're awesome, but wtf's with this one?
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Quote by TheSexPanthers

Ehhmmm what the **** did i just watch?
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Oh I love a genuine excuse to post old embarrassing Take That videos, some seriously homosexual /thread potential here:

Could It Be Magic
Do What You Like - Undoubtebly the gayest thing you'll ever see

Great music but what the hell we're they thinking... I mean really!?
Quote by adamchafee

all these things i hate by bullet for my valentine hands down

its just the same clip over and over again with them singing occasionally. the band is great but this is the most dissapointing music video ive seen

you...don't realize there is a purpose for that, do you? because there is a reason for that

I would say that one video where the band is line dancing with pregnant women, I think it's Do What You Want To by Franz Ferdinand
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Quote by Baby Joel
Isis is amazing
Be Quick or Be Dead

The camerawork is confusing as hell and the band is pretty comical. It's probably a parody. I hope it's a parody.
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Quote by adamchafee

all these things i hate by bullet for my valentine hands down

its just the same clip over and over again with them singing occasionally. the band is great but this is the most dissapointing music video ive seen

You do realize that if you actually watch the video, every time something is different, and they add a bit more to the story, as is its a dream the girl keeps having, every time becoming more developed.
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Quote by diofan88

Did you watch what I posted?

They're naked, with jelly and cream, and mops, and happy faces

Your video looks fairly cool in comparison, to be quite honest
The Suffering by Coheed and Cambria.
My favourite band, but golly gosh that video makes me angry. It must have had a decent special effects budget, so we could have been treated to Amory Wars-related scenes, but instead we get interspecies lovin' between a centaur and mermaids.

I would have loved to have seen Deftinwolf running around being badass as usual, but no. Mermaids and centaurs and rainbows.
...In my opinion.
All those people who mentioned 80s metal videos reminded me of this guy.
from about 2:50 to 6:30. lol.

The stupidest video I can think of is Breakin the Law, especially the part where the guard has a plywood guitar with the V upside down.
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